El Recreo

RoasterManhattan Coffee Roasters
FarmEl Recreo
ProducerDiego & Fernando Ucros
Tasting notesLemon, Peach, Jasmin Pearls

Delight in a splendid washed Geisha from El Recreo, a testament to the dedicated craftsmanship of long-time coffee producers Diego and Fernando. These two are no strangers to the field, but their journey into the world of specialty coffee has only begun a few years back on their farm in Santa Barbara.

Initially engaged in fertilizer production, their entrepreneurial spirit guided them towards diversification. Around five years ago, they chose to plant a range of coffee varieties to broaden their offerings and ventured into the realm of high-quality, specialty-grade lots. One standout from their new venture is this delightful Geisha.

The Geisha cherries underwent a meticulous traditional washing process. It involved 20 hours of submersion in a water tank for fermentation, followed by pulping and washing. After these steps, they were transferred to raised beds, where they were dried for approximately 20 days.

Once served, this Geisha introduces your palate to pleasing notes of lemon, peach, and jasmine pearls. It’s a coffee experience to remember.