Elias Maria

RoasterManhattan Coffee Roasters
RegionMata de Minas
FarmSítio Cantinho do Céu
ProducerElias Maria de Oliveira
VarietalCatucaí 785/15
ProcessAnaerobic Natural
Tasting notesBlackberry, Cherry Jam, Chocolate Biscuits

Elias Maria is rapidly emerging as a notable name in the specialty coffee sector. The commitment and enthusiasm of Elias and his family are reflected in the exceptional quality of their coffee.

This particular Catucai variety is processed with precision. It undergoes an anaerobic fermentation in drums for 7 days. Following the fermentation, the coffee is dried for a span of 25-30 days. To ensure the beans attain their optimal flavor, they are then rested for an additional 30 days.

The stories behind these fantastic coffees enhance their allure, deepening our appreciation for the meticulous efforts at the origin. Elias has mentioned, “For my family, producing coffee is a great honor! Specialty coffee brings people together, especially families. When we are in the selection process of the coffee my whole family is together, and the conversation between parents and children is so pleasant. This is priceless.”

In terms of flavor profile, this coffee offers notes of cherry jam, chocolate biscuits, and blackberry.