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Sourced from Colombia's Huila region, Monteblanco coffee showcases the unique Purple Caturra varietal. The extended wet fermentation enhances the tropical notes of papaya, pineapple, and red oranges, layered with a subtle cocoa hint. It's a delight as a nuanced filter brew or a medium-bodied espresso.

Rodolfo Ruffatti Batlle

This unique Red Bourbon coffee from Rodolfo Ruffatti Batlle's farm, a long-standing partner of Manhattan Coffee Roasters, is a taste of history with shrubs planted over 60 years ago. Fermented for 48 hours and dried for 22 days, it delivers notes of red apple, mandarin, and cane sugar, making it excellent as an espresso or with milk.

La Maria Gesha Honey

Crafted by Orlando Ospina and Emilcen Sanchez on their Finca La Maria farm in El Salvador, this exceptional Geisha variety coffee undergoes a unique honey and natural processing. It presents distinct floral notes complemented by a juicy sweetness of orange and grapefruit.

El Recreo

El Recreo's Geisha represents the careful craftsmanship of Diego and Fernando. This specialty coffee, distinguished by its meticulous washing process, offers an exquisite brew, alive with the distinct flavors of lemon, peach, and jasmine pearls.

Diego Bermudez

Hailing from El Paraiso farms in Colombia, the Castillo coffee stands testament to Diego Bermudez's innovation in coffee processing. This meticulously crafted brew surprises the palate with notes of Turkish delight, raspberry, and lychee.

Duberney Cifuentes

Duberney Cifuentes, a passionate coffee producer, has made his mark with his award-winning washed Geisha variety. Grown in a unique microclimate nestled among snowy mountains and enriched by volcanic soils, this coffee undergoes meticulous processing and a slow 40-day drying under complete shade. The result? An incredibly clean, authentic Geisha coffee boasting vibrant notes of bergamot, cherry sherbet, and melon.

MS Joel

Emerging from Mata de Minas in Brazil, this coffee release tells a transformative tale. Inacio Soares, an ambitious farmer, defied conventional coffee norms to raise the bar on quality. His dedication and meticulous care for his small farm resulted in a premium Red Catucai lot. Expect to taste a harmonious blend of white flowers, stone fruit, and caramel in every sip, a tribute to Inacio's commitment to excellence and community upliftment.

Samuel Junior Bermudez

Samuel Jr. is a distinctive coffee, hailing from the high-altitude mountains of Antioquia. Made from the unique Caturra Chiroso variety, this brew delivers a flavor profile rich with notes of star anise, dark fudge, and verbena. Its audacious character and superior quality redefine the expectations of coffee.