Category Rare

Genji Challa

Genji Challa is a honey-processed Ethiopian coffee, capturing the essence of blueberry, peach, and a whisper of elderflower lemonade.

Shoondhisa Natural

This Ethiopian coffee, sourced from Ture Waji's Sookoo Coffee in Odo Shakiso, features cherries from the Shoondhisa Kebele. The beans, primarily Gibirinna 74110 and Serto 74112, were chosen for their disease resistance. Dried traditionally on raised beds, this coffee highlights notes of blueberry compote, strawberry juice, and white sugar.


Sourced from Colombia's Huila region, Monteblanco coffee showcases the unique Purple Caturra varietal. The extended wet fermentation enhances the tropical notes of papaya, pineapple, and red oranges, layered with a subtle cocoa hint. It's a delight as a nuanced filter brew or a medium-bodied espresso.

MS Joel

Emerging from Mata de Minas in Brazil, this coffee release tells a transformative tale. Inacio Soares, an ambitious farmer, defied conventional coffee norms to raise the bar on quality. His dedication and meticulous care for his small farm resulted in a premium Red Catucai lot. Expect to taste a harmonious blend of white flowers, stone fruit, and caramel in every sip, a tribute to Inacio's commitment to excellence and community upliftment.