RegionHuila, San Adolfo
VarietalPurple Caturra
ProcessWashed with extended wet fermentation
Tasting notesPapaya, Pineapple, Red Oranges, Cocoa

This Colombia Monteblanco coffee hails from the rich terrains of the Huila region, San Adolfo, in Colombia. Grown at an altitude of 1730 meters above sea level, it is produced from the unique Purple Caturra varietal.

The coffee undergoes a washed process with an extended wet fermentation, enhancing the flavor complexity and depth. The outcome is a sensational burst of tropical fruits, with the standout notes of pineapple, mango, and papaya. Underneath these vibrant fruit notes, you can detect a subtle hint of cocoa, providing a balanced and intriguing finish.

While this coffee shines as a filter brew, showcasing its tropical fruit complexity, it can also serve as a medium-bodied espresso, perfect for those who appreciate a touch of acidity. Unveil the exotic richness of Colombia Monteblanco in your next cup.