El Salvador – Kastel

RoasterArusha Coffee Roatery
OriginEl Salvador
ProducerRoney Dias Villela
VarietalKenia (SL28/SL34)
Tasting notesBlack Cherries, Honey, Chocolate with Fruits, Medium Acidity, Medium Body

Dive into a cup that tells a story of the rich soils of Metapan, El Salvador. Cultivated with care on the Kastelgazo farm by the dedicated hands of producer Roney Dias Villela, this Kenia varietal coffee offers a unique journey for the senses. As you take your first sip, be greeted by the luscious notes of black cherries, followed by the sweet embrace of honey. As it lingers, discover the harmonious blend of chocolate intertwined with hints of fruits. With its medium acidity and body, this coffee provides a balanced and delightful experience, making it a perfect companion for your morning ritual or an afternoon respite. Experience the passion and tradition of El Salvador with every cup.