Rodolfo Ruffatti Batlle

RoasterManhattan Coffee Roasters
OriginEl Salvador
RegionSanta Ana
FarmFinca El Salvador
ProducerRodolfo Battlle
VarietalRed Bourbon
Tasting notesRed Apple, Mandarin, Cane Sugar

This marks the fifth year that Manhattan Coffee Roasters is working directly with Rodolfo Ruffatti Batlle. Rodolfo is a good friend of theirs and this is their third lot to come directly from his farm.

This lot of Red Bourbon was fermented for 48 hours, pulped and then transferred to shaded raised drying beds for 22 days. These Red Bourbon trees are coffee shrubs that have been on the farm for over 60 years. Planted by his grandfather, Rodolfo is giving us a unique opportunity to taste what kind of coffee we could have experienced in the past. 

On the cupping table, we’re tasting red apple, mandarin and cane sugar. Great in milk, but also a delicious espresso!