Bait Subaih

RoasterManhattan Coffee Roasters
Regionhayma kharijiya
Farmbait subaih
Producerbait subaih
Tasting noteslime, caramel, purple skittles

Introducing Bait Subaih from the Hayma Kharijiya region in Yemen, this Yemenia is not one to miss!

Bait Subaih translates to the home of the Subaih Family. Over the years, they have meticulously nurtured the art of coffee cultivation. The people of Bait Subaih hold an unwavering pride in their mastery of coffee agriculture. The region of Hayma Kharijiya holds a huge share of Yemeni coffee production in terms of both quantity and quality. This region is known for its mild weather that creates great conditions for Yemeni coffee production.

This lot undergoes a natural process. This version of natural processing uses an extended drying phase of 30 days while the layer of cherries are doubled to create a semi anaerobic drying environment. While this occurs, the cherries are carefully turned throughout the process.

You can expect notes of purple skittles, lime, and caramel!