La Maria Gesha Honey

RegionLa Mesa, Cundinamarca
FarmFinca La Maria
ProducerOrlando Ospina & Emilcen Sanchez
Tasting notesFloral, Juicy sweetness of Orange and Grapefruit

This exceptional coffee hails from the fertile landscapes of El Salvador, grown by the skilled hands of Orlando Ospina and his wife Emilcen Sanchez. Their farm, Finca La Maria, is nestled in the serene region of La Mesa, within Cundinamarca. The couple expertly cultivates the Geisha variety at elevations of 1660 – 1750 meters above sea level, employing a harmonious blend of honey and natural processing techniques for an enhanced flavor profile.

Thanks to Orlando’s expertise as an agronomist and their mutual commitment to excellence, they create truly extraordinary coffee. When savored, the coffee unveils the unmistakable floral notes of Geisha, underscored by a juicy sweetness that evokes hints of orange and grapefruit.