La Maria Gesha Natural

RegionLa Mesa, Cundinamarca
FarmFinca La Maria
ProducerOrlando Ospina & Emilcen Sanchez
Tasting notesTropical, Clean, Fruity, Tea-like

Finca La Maria’s Natural Gesha, cultivated at heights between 1660 – 1750 masl, showcases a light, clean profile bursting with vibrant tropical and fruity flavors, underlined by subtle, tea-like notes. This extraordinary coffee is a result of the combined efforts of Orlando Ospina and Emilcen Sanchez, with their dedication to non-traditional processing methods distinguishing them in the global coffee scene.

Their expertise is apparent in each cup, with the unique character of the Geisha varietal standing front and center. Chosen for global coffee competitions by expert baristas, this coffee embodies the exceptional quality and innovation Orlando and Emilcen bring to the table. The Natural Gesha serves as a testament to their pursuit of producing world-class, specialty coffee.