Ze Claudio

RoasterManhattan Coffee Roasters
RegionMata de Minas, São Sebastião do Anta
FarmSítio tia Dodó
ProducerJosé Cláudio
VarietalCatuai 144
ProcessAnaerobic Natural
Tasting notesHibiscus, Milk Chocolate, Rhubarb Pie

Introducing a delightful coffee sourced from Jose Claudio!

Discover the journey of José: Setting out at 18, he aimed for Sao Paulo and then Portugal, with dreams of accumulating enough to establish his own farm in his native Inpahim. By the late 2000s, José’s dream materialized as he returned to Brazil, purchasing his initial 3-hectare plot. Initially, his focus was on vegetables, given that coffee cultivation was rare, especially due to the region’s low altitude. However, a chance meeting with Inacio Soares at a farming convention changed everything. Together, they envisioned a future for coffee farming in the area, and their collaboration has flourished ever since.

We’re proud to serve José’s coffee, a true standout from the São Sebastião do Anta region. Every year, it never fails to amaze us with its unique flavors.

Savor the hints of rhubarb pie, hibiscus, and milk chocolate in every sip.