Welcome to Ovride Specialty Coffee, your haven in the bustling heart of Timisoara, Romania. As artisans of specialty coffee, we’ve created a tranquil space that highlights the beauty of our carefully crafted beverages. We invite you to take a breather from the daily grind and immerse yourself in the art of coffee appreciation.

Our venue expands into a spacious outdoor seating area, perfect for enjoying the open air while savoring our expertly brewed creations. We’re proud to foster an environment that promotes relaxation, conversation, and a deeper understanding of the complex world of coffee.

In line with this vision, we’ve decided to make Ovride a laptop and tablet-free space on weekends. This policy is designed to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy our offerings in a relaxed, social setting. Given the high demand on weekends, we want to ensure all our guests have the chance to find a seat and experience the sensory delight of specialty coffee. We believe in the importance of taking a break from screens, especially on weekends, to fully engage with the world around us and enjoy the company of others.

Whether you’re a seasoned coffee aficionado or a newcomer to the coffee scene, our team is committed to helping you savor every sip, from our expertly brewed espressos to our refreshing Coldbrew offerings. To complement your coffee experience, we also serve a variety of delightful bites that pair perfectly with our beverages.

At Ovride Specialty Coffee, we offer more than just a cup of coffee. We invite you to join us in a unique coffee experience that celebrates the artistry, passion, and enjoyment of specialty coffee. Every visit to Ovride is a memorable journey into the world of coffee.