About us

Welcome to Ovride Specialty Coffee, your haven for a tranquil coffee experience right in the heart of Timisoara, Romania. Here, every cup of coffee is not just a beverage but a testament to our passion. For us, coffee is more than a necessity or a convenience; it’s an art form that we believe should be shared with everyone.

We take pride in our ability to educate not only the seasoned coffee enthusiasts but also those who are just beginning their journey into the intricate world of coffee. We aim to help you appreciate every sip you take, from our carefully brewed espressos to our refreshing summer Coldbrew menu.

Our space, created with the vision of a coffee shop that feels like a home away from home, invites you into a serene setting where you can enjoy intimate conversations or simply unwind. Nestled in the bustling city centre of Timisoara, Ovride greets you with a cozy ambiance brimming with character and tranquility. Warm wood tones, pleasing music, and the comforting aroma of freshly ground coffee fill the air, creating a comforting retreat from the outside world.

Complementing our exceptional coffee, we offer delectable bites such as our unrivaled croissants and banana bread. And as the sun warms the city, our summer Coldbrew menu emerges, offering an array of refreshing, carefully crafted cold brews that will delight and invigorate. No matter how discerning your palate, we’re confident you’ll leave our cafe satisfied.

So if you’re seeking a secluded spot to soothe your soul with a refined beverage, we warmly invite you to Ovride Specialty Coffee. Don’t hesitate to drop in and experience our offerings. Whether you grab your coffee to go, delve into our Coldbrew menu, or choose to linger over a chat with the friendly faces around, we assure you of a memorable visit.