Category Beans

Ze Claudio

José Claudio's Brazilian coffee from São Sebastião do Anta: a harmonious blend of rhubarb pie, hibiscus, and milk chocolate notes.

Shoondhisa Anaerobic

Ethiopian coffee by "The King of Guji" Ture Waji. Cherries from Shoondhisa Kebele, fermented for 48 hours and sun-dried for up to 20 days, reveal notes of grape, lime, and red jelly beans.

Genji Challa

Genji Challa is a honey-processed Ethiopian coffee, capturing the essence of blueberry, peach, and a whisper of elderflower lemonade.

Elias Maria

Anaerobically fermented Catucai variety from Brazil, offering flavors of cherry jam, chocolate biscuits, and blackberry. Celebrated for its rich backstory and meticulous processing.

Shoondhisa Natural

This Ethiopian coffee, sourced from Ture Waji's Sookoo Coffee in Odo Shakiso, features cherries from the Shoondhisa Kebele. The beans, primarily Gibirinna 74110 and Serto 74112, were chosen for their disease resistance. Dried traditionally on raised beds, this coffee highlights notes of blueberry compote, strawberry juice, and white sugar.

Nestor Lasso

From Colombia's Huila region, the Lasso brothers and Johan Vergara's farm “El Diviso” produce the Typica Mejorado coffee. Using a 12-hour oxidation process and a thermal shock wash, dried over 18-24 days, it presents notes of raspberry, rose, and shortbread.

Brasil Frutado

Hailing from Brazil's Mantiqueira de Minas region, this small batch coffee is grown on the 4th-generation Nossa Senhora Aparecida farm. The Yellow Catuai beans offer a blend of milk chocolate, yellow fruits, starfruit, and caramel notes, indicative of the region's distinctive terroir and ideal coffee-growing climate.

La Maria Gesha Natural

The Natural Gesha from Finca La Maria is a clean, light coffee offering tropical, fruity flavors with a tea-like finish, renowned for its unique cultivation and processing.


Sourced from Colombia's Huila region, Monteblanco coffee showcases the unique Purple Caturra varietal. The extended wet fermentation enhances the tropical notes of papaya, pineapple, and red oranges, layered with a subtle cocoa hint. It's a delight as a nuanced filter brew or a medium-bodied espresso.

Rodolfo Ruffatti Batlle

This unique Red Bourbon coffee from Rodolfo Ruffatti Batlle's farm, a long-standing partner of Manhattan Coffee Roasters, is a taste of history with shrubs planted over 60 years ago. Fermented for 48 hours and dried for 22 days, it delivers notes of red apple, mandarin, and cane sugar, making it excellent as an espresso or with milk.