Category Exceptional

Ze Claudio

José Claudio's Brazilian coffee from São Sebastião do Anta: a harmonious blend of rhubarb pie, hibiscus, and milk chocolate notes.

Shoondhisa Anaerobic

Ethiopian coffee by "The King of Guji" Ture Waji. Cherries from Shoondhisa Kebele, fermented for 48 hours and sun-dried for up to 20 days, reveal notes of grape, lime, and red jelly beans.

Elias Maria

Anaerobically fermented Catucai variety from Brazil, offering flavors of cherry jam, chocolate biscuits, and blackberry. Celebrated for its rich backstory and meticulous processing.

Nestor Lasso

From Colombia's Huila region, the Lasso brothers and Johan Vergara's farm “El Diviso” produce the Typica Mejorado coffee. Using a 12-hour oxidation process and a thermal shock wash, dried over 18-24 days, it presents notes of raspberry, rose, and shortbread.

El Recreo

El Recreo's Geisha represents the careful craftsmanship of Diego and Fernando. This specialty coffee, distinguished by its meticulous washing process, offers an exquisite brew, alive with the distinct flavors of lemon, peach, and jasmine pearls.

Diego Bermudez

Hailing from El Paraiso farms in Colombia, the Castillo coffee stands testament to Diego Bermudez's innovation in coffee processing. This meticulously crafted brew surprises the palate with notes of Turkish delight, raspberry, and lychee.