At the moment we want to expand our team with 1 new colleague. The position is for the role of Barista and we are looking for a full-time collaboration, meaning 40 hours/week.

Ideal Candidate

Are you passionate about specialty coffee and would like to learn more about this subject? Are you a person with a positive attitude, fast learning skills, who accepts constructive criticism and wants to offer a quality product? Do you want to work in a dynamic team?

We would love to be colleagues if you

  • Have an optimistic attitude.
  • Have lots of positive energy.
  • Are available to work on weekends.
  • Appreciate and respect punctuality.
  • Do not necessarily have experience in the field but have the ability to accumulate new knowledge.
  • Can work under stress, and accept constructive criticism.

Mandatory requirements

  • Advanced conversational English.
    (we have many foreign guests and most of the educational materials in the specialty coffee field are in English)
  • Advanced conversational Romanian.

Advantages that will make you stand out from other candidates

  • An eloquent introductory message, with intention when applying for this job.
  • You are passionate about specialty coffee and can appreciate a quality drink, without thinking about sugar.
  • You are not a stranger to operating an espresso machine and can confidently froth milk that can be used for latte art.
  • You are a self-taught person, who likes to delve into anything they do out of passion.

Job Description

Main responsibilities

  • Greet customers and help them make the right choice regarding coffee/drinks.
  • Prepare and serve coffee and coffee-based drinks, cold and hot.
  • Prepare and serve alternative non-coffee drinks.
  • Prepare fruit drinks.
  • Take orders and collect payments.
  • Maintain cleanliness at the workstation.
  • Maintain cleanliness in the cafe.


  • Attractive salary package (salary increases directly in relation to experience and involvement).
  • Free coffee-based products.
  • On-site training. We will teach you everything you need to succeed in the coffee field.
  • Experiences that will help you evolve professionally.

If what you have read above has encouraged you to join our team, you can send us an email at Please include an eloquent introductory letter telling us why you would be the ideal candidate for our team.