Peru – Pintoc San Fernando

RoasterDropshot Coffee Roasters
Tasting notesChocolate, Raspberries, Blackberries
RegionSan Fernando, Incahuasi, La Convencion
Altitude1750 – 2000 m
VarietalBourbon, Colombia, Typica
ProducerGroup of 9 local producers
HarvestAutumn 2023

Peru Pintoc takes its name from the river that irrigates the San Fernando area. This batch is distinguished by its natural processing, a rare custom in an area with a strong tradition of ‘washed’ type processing. Through this, the pits of the coffee cherries acquire all their flavors directly in the pulp, in the sun, without the fruit’s covering being removed (or “washed”) beforehand, a process that caramelizes the natural sugars in the pulp.

Peru Pintoc offers a caramelized sweetness, pleasant, with a low acidity, in a comfortable body, suitable both for serving as such, but also in a drink with milk.