Colombia – Juicy Grape Experimental

RoasterDropshot Coffee Roasters
Tasting notesBlack grapes, Blackberries, Stum (Grape Juice)
Altitude1400-1600 m
VarietalCaturra, Castillo
ProcessNatural fermentation
ProducerBrayan Alvear

Born in Acevedo, Huila, Brayan Alvear is a young producer, but up to date with the newest methods of experimental processing. The proposed batch is Juicy Grape, an experimental batch that lives up to its name in the cup. First passing through a 24-hour anaerobic pre-fermentation, followed by a natural processing that lasts as long, the cherries go through a fermentation process in which dehydrated and ground grapes are added, then through a 15-day drying in which the aroma of black grapes is enhanced.