Colombia – Yasmin Parra

RegionCienaga, Magdalena
ProducerYasmin Parra
ProcessNatural Anaerobic
Altitude1130 m
Tasting notesPurple Grape, Cherry Coke, Raspberry Jam, Dark Cholcolate

This coffee from WideAwake features a lot from La Piscina in Colombia, produced by Yasmin Parra. Yasmin’s lifelong fascination with coffee led her to inherit and manage her parents’ farm, where she prioritizes organic fertilizers and water conservation to maintain consistent coffee quality while preserving local wildlife habitat. Through her dedication and innovation, her farm consistently produces exceptional lots like the one we’ve selected, which is an explosion of purple fruits with a hint of cherry coke notes.

This Castillo lot has been processed using a natural anaerobic method. The cherries are handpicked and floated to remove any unripe or defective ones. They then undergo a 31-hour fermentation in an oxygen-free environment, promoting the growth of anaerobic bacteria and developing a complex flavor profile. Finally, the cherries are dried on patios for 20 days.